Add a New Class

Step 1: Navigate to Add Class Page

Step 2: Input Class Information

Keep in mind, this is a class in the sense of “English Level 1” and not a specific class instance like “Tuesday 10am class”. So it serves as a kind of template that can be replicated on the schedule many times.

Important settings:

  • category: depending on your category settings, this will differ. Make sure if you’ve made a category for group lessons and this class will be a group lesson that the category is selected appropriately
  • level: what level the class is
  • size: this is the maximum number of students who can join. Global class size is setting in the settings and inherited here, but can be overridden for the specific class.
  • length: also set globally but can be overridden
  • course: if this class is always using the same course, you can set the course here