Adding a New Student

Step 1: Navigate to Add Student Page

This is found under the student dropdown on the admin navbar.

Step 2: Input student data

We offer a lot of fields for inputting student data. In the future this will be cleaned up a bit to make it easier to work with visually, so in the meantime, please bear with us.

Important points:

  • role: this lets you select the role of the student. This is important because roles determine what the student has access to. New contacts are for potential students who have not joined yet. They don’t get login information or the ability to do scheduling, but the admin user can add them to classes as trials or make notes about contacts with them.
  • Romaji names: enter Japanese names in Romaji to have their names easily viewable on the English pages as well as easily searchable.
  • Kanji names: displayed on the Japanese pages.
  • Katakana names: displayed only on the user pages.
  • Advisor: what teacher is going to be in charge of this student.
  • Address: used by the student map feature to show graphically where your students are located
  • Cell phone: the app needs at least one phone contact
  • Email: important for generating their login information when they become students
  • Level: what level classes this student will be able to join
  • Comment: some initial notes about the student can be added here

Other information fields should be self-explanatory.