Adding a Single Payment to a Student

Important notes about payments

For single payments, there are basically three options:

  • Add a monthly payment.
  • Add an “other” payment for something like textbooks, events, etc.
  • Set a month as a “rest” month.

Depending on what kind of payment record you are choosing, the steps will be a bit different.

Adding a payment

When adding a payment, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of payment at the top. If you change the payment type the options below will change, so be careful.

If you are choosing monthly payment, then you can select “rest month” next if you want to create a monthly record with no payment and no classes.

Monthly Payment Example

Simply fill out the information to complete a monthly payment record.

Rest Month Example

If you’d like to enter a record for a rest month, simply click “rest month” and enter the month applicable.

Other Payment Example

For things like textbooks or events, select the category of payment from the drop down. The selections are customizable in the Payment Settings, so you can choose whatever you’d like.

Fill out the rest of the info to add the payment record.

Mark the payment as “paid”

By default, payments are created as invoices. This makes it easy to keep track of who still needs to pay for something. When a student buys a book but will pay later via bank transfer, cash, or credit, you can make the invoice for the book, and then simple click “paid” on their page to mark when then invoice payment was made.

Marking as paid

By default, it will put in the values for when you clicked on the “paid” link, but if you want to record a payment from a previous date you might have forgotten to enter, you can change the date and time information.


Finally, you can see where there is a clearly marked (in pink) rest month and also a completed monthly payment record. You can check back to a student’s page anytime to review their payment records.