October 1, 2020 Update (26 Updates!)

Hi, everything. Thanks as always for your attention. We had another busy month through September, pushing out a lot of meaningful updates and making a lot of small fixes. Here is some information to keep you up to date, with links for more information. As always, contact us with questions. New Features LINE Bot: This [...]

October 1, 2020 Update (26 Updates!)2020-10-01T03:38:57+00:00

Case Study: Automatic Notifications to Easy Parents’ Concern

Location This case study takes place at a typical Eikaiwa school in Kyushu. The school caters to both children and adults, but RFID checkin is only used for children. From April of this year, all students were given RFID tags to use with check in and check out, though implementation was greatly delayed by [...]

Case Study: Automatic Notifications to Easy Parents’ Concern2020-07-06T07:30:53+00:00

May 14, 2020 uTeach Cloud Updates

So, there's a lot going on with uTeach, so I'll jump right into it! LINE API integration Now, you can link student accounts to your school's LINE and send updates or reminders directly to students using LINE. Why bother trying to get students to log into some specialized app when you can communicate with [...]

May 14, 2020 uTeach Cloud Updates2020-05-14T03:47:11+00:00

How to Transition your English School to Online (Zoom) or Hybrid

Why go online (or hybrid)? For most school owners and teachers, it's obvious that there's something intrinsically good about meeting and teaching students face to face. The fear of losing this interaction keeps a lot of schools from moving online, even as online teaching grows in popularity year-by-year. However, with the worldwide impact [...]

How to Transition your English School to Online (Zoom) or Hybrid2020-04-20T09:07:42+00:00
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