How to Customize the Lesson Input & Display

Why customize?

uTeach Cloud comes with many different input fields for lessons. For most users, there will be too many fields. To save time and clean up the appearance of lessons, you should take some time to customize the settings. This will make it easier to input new lessons as well as easier to use.

How to customize the lesson display?

There are two main ways to go about customizing the lesson displays:

  • Lesson Settings: Lesson settings let you toggle on or off which fields you want to display. You can also set whether these fields should be required or not.
  • Custom Fields: You can find more about custom fields here. Basically, this functionality lets you add more fields if there is something missing from the stock options. Use cases for lessons include links to webpages or resources on other websites that you might like to associate with your lessons.

Using the lesson settings:

This is fairly straightforward, simply navigate to “Lesson Settings” and use the toggles to customize which fields should appear and which fields should be required, and hit save!