Features for Parents

uTeach Cloud is Made for Parents

uTeach Cloud is designed from the bottom up to have features for all school stakeholders, from admin to students. Parents are a big part of the equation. They may not be the ones taking the classes, but they are paying the bills and setting the goals for their children, so keeping them in the loop and making things as easy as possible for them is of paramount importance.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Arrival and Departure Notifications: Let parents know their children have safely arrived or departed from your school. Read more here.
  • Custom Parent Accounts: Parents can easily control the accounts of multiple children from a single login.
  • Easy Scheduling Interface: Let parents easily cancel and reschedule their classes without having to make phone calls or wait for email responses.
  • Course & Progress Viewing: Parents can log in to access PDFs, audio files, Youtube videos, and other course materials. Parents can also check what their children have been doing in class to help them review at home.
  • Test Reporting: Record test results on the app to let parents know how their children have been doing.