Course Goal Checklists

You can add a list of goals to a course, which can then be ticked off at the student level, making it easier to keep track of whether students have completed specific goals needed to move ahead through the course.

Course View

Navigate to Course -> Course and you will see a list of your courses. From there, click on Edit.

Next to the Goals section, you’ll see the Add button. Click on Add to add a single goal to the list. You can add as many goals as you like. I’ll add a few here:

Don’t forget to click the Edit button when you’re ready.

Adding to a Student

Next, let’s click on Student -> Student List to show the list of students and click on a name to see that student’s details.

Under the Course Settings tab you’ll find the ability to Add a course to the student. Select the course you’d like to add and click Save.

You’ll notice when you do this, a new tab appears on the student page called Course Goals. The goals you added to the course are automatically added to the student record:

When the student has completed one of the goals, simply check it off. The date, time, and person who marked the goal as completed will be saved:

That’s it! A simple way to keep track of whether your students are completing course level goals or not!

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