How to Handle Cancellations and Makeup Lessons

How does your school manage cancellations and rescheduling? Schools have a variety of policies in this regard, but chances are that your school allows make up lessons so some degree. Let’s talk a bit about how cancellations and makeups work on uTeach Cloud.

Cancellation and Makeup Theory

uTeach Cloud is made on the basis that cancellations and makeup lessons will be fairly regular and should be done easily without much work on the staff side. This is accomplished by:

  • Sending reminder emails, which prevents students from completely forgetting their classes and also prompts them to action if they know they need to cancel but are procrastinating.
  • Making it easy for students to cancel and reschedule from a calendar view.

uTeach Cloud manages payments on a monthly basis, and automatically calculates how many classes students have used and have available for makeups. This all depends on how you would like to manage your school. If you want to create strict management policies around cancellations, feel free to do so, just make sure you have things set up to make it work for you.

Let’s have a look at how things can be set up for some different strategies.

I want to completely manage the school myself

No problem!

By default, student accounts on uTeach Cloud can be used by students to interact with the schedule, but that is customizable.

If you navigate to Settings -> Manage Roles -> Student (Edit) you’ll see some options at the bottom of the screen:

Can Login?: Just like it sounds, you can use this option to allow / deny access to the site to a specific user group. So if you want to keep students from logging in completely, use this.

Send Login Details: Usually, when users are created their details are emailed to them so they can login. If you want to create users but limit their access, go ahead and turn this off. Then you can pass login data to users more manually.

I want students to login, but not change their own schedules

We can also accomplish this by going to Settings -> Manage Roles -> Student (Edit).

This time, however, we’ll want to limit student access to the calendar, so let’s click on the accordion for Student Views:

If you turn off the Calendar view, students will no longer be able to see the scheduling view. However, if you leave Class Usage on, they will still be able to see a view of their own attendance and reservations.

If you do this, make sure you change the Login Redirect Path so that students are sent to the Class Usage page when they login:

I want to let students set their own schedules, but I want to know my options

Great, it’s important to know our options.

First, let’s look at the reminder email.

Navigate to Settings -> Notification Settings -> Daily Reservation Reminder.

Here, you’ll see the text of the reminder email (with preview functionality as well). You can edit the text as well as the button text here. Also, importantly, you can turn off the cancel button. We designed this cancel button to make it easy for students to cancel without calling, meaning that they cancel sooner and that they don’t take up your time to do so. However, if you’d like to prevent easy cancellation, turn it off.

Here’s an example of the kind of email this sends by default:

Next, let’s talk about makeup validity.

Navigate to Settings -> School Settings. Here, you’ll see a category Leftover Class Expiration Period (in Months). This will let you change how long your school’s makeup classes are valid for. One year would be 12 months, etc. We can see this in work if we take a look at the Class Usage area on a student page:

If we have a look here, we can see this student uses all their classes until May, where they only have 3 classes, generating 1 left over. This left over class is then carried though the future months (until they use it by attending more classes than they have paid for in a given month).

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