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The main page is the daily workhorse of attendance. You can change the main page in your settings, but for most users, the main page showing daily attendance will be the most used. Let’s dig into the different things we can see here.

In the first box, we can see the date information and datepicker. The leftmost date is the current date on the default view, however, if you use the Next Day, Next Week, or Search by Date functions to navigate to another date, it will be displayed in the top left for clarity.

The second box shows some quick stats for the day, with comparisons to historical averages in the bottom right. Clicking on View Full Stats will show more in depth statistics.

The third box shows some display options for the main page. You can choose to display Signed In students, Not Signed In students, or both. If you want to see everything for the current day, select both. If you want to hide the finished classes and cancellations and only show who will be coming, select only Not Signed In. If you want to see only finished attendances, select only Signed In.

The buttons on the right are to show or hide certain teachers.

The send notifications button allows you to send or not send notifications based on admin actions from the page. For example, if it is on and a student calls to cancel, when the admin cancels their class, the student will get an email confirmation. If email confirmation is not necessary in this kind of case, you can turn it off.

Finally, in the forth box, you can see the classes of the day listed by time, then class. Under each class, each student is listed with a variety of options:

  • Sign In – Confirm their attendance
  • Cancel – Cancel their attendance without penalty
  • Cancel (triangle) – Allows you to cancel all future reservations for a class (ie they changed class)
  • Full Cancel – Cancel their attendance with penalty
  • Check In – Calls the library book check-in pop-up
  • Check Out – Calls the library book check-out pop-up
  • Add Contact – Lets you add a contact record for the student

This page has a lot of features for daily school management crammed in to save you time by putting necessary functions right at your fingertips.

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