Manage School Settings


Here we’ll talk a bit about the different settings you can use for your school and what they do.

Types of Settings

School Name: Specify your school name here.

Default Language: Set the default language for the app (individual users can change the default if they want).

Use points / monthly payments: Please ignore this bit, it’s legacy and will be deleted.

Class Student Levels: You can set what levels your school uses here.

Default Calendar View: You can set the default calendar view. We recommend week.

Default Calendar Color Coding: Change this if you want to change the calendar color scheme.

Default Class Length: Set the default length of your classes.

Default Register Role:This sets what role new students will be assigned to by default.

Google Maps API Key: If you’re using the Student Map function, you’ll need to plug in your API here.

Leftover Class Expiration Period (in Months): Set the period before make up lessons expire.

Student Reminder Email Time: When should the “Today’s Class Reminder” email be sent.

Student Reminder Email Lesson Types: Send emails for classes, events, or both.

School Timezone: Set the school timezone.

Favicon: Choose the favicon for your site.

Show other teacher’s classes: Check this to let teachers see each others’ schedules.

Use Zoom: Discussed in the Setting Up Zoom API section.

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