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One of the most useful parts of uTeach Cloud is the schedule modal. This lets us get a lot of information and do a lot from one central place on the graphical schedule.

When you click on a class on the graphical schedule, you’ll see something like this:

At the top, you can see some basic information about the class. Usually, the class name will appear at the top, but in the case of private lessons the class name will be replaced with the student name to make it easier to see on the graphical schedule.

The [Schedule Details] button lets you jump to the detailed attendance and class progress records for the class.

The [Edit Schedule] button lets you change the schedule details like teacher, course, etc.

Below that, you can find a check box with “Notify student…”. If you check this box, students will receive confirmation emails when you add or remove their reservations. If not, they will not receive notifications.

Under Registered Students you can see all the students currently registered to the class, as well as control their attendance with [Sign In], [Cancel], [Cancel(arrow)], and [Full Cancel].

[Cancel] allows you to remove the student’s reservation without penalty. By contrast, [Full Cancel] removes their reservation but penalizes them that class. [Cancel(arrow)] gives you the option of cancelling all the future reservations of the student for the class, useful if they have changed classes and you need to remove many reservations at once.

Under Waitlisted Students you can see students who are waiting for a spot in the class to open up. You can choose to [Delete] their waitlist spot, or change it to a reservation using [Reserve].

Select Student gives a searchable dropdown so you can select a student you would like to add to the class using the [Reserve] button. If the class is full, the button will automatically become a [Waitlist] button.

If you are giving the student a trial or a bonus class, you can check Do not include in class total to make the class count as “0” in the attendance calculations.

To add a student to many classes in a series at once, use the [Register regular student] button and input the beginning and end dates for the student.

[Cancel Class] will cancel both the class and all the associated reservations. [Cancel multiple] will give you a selection of the future dates of the class to allow you to easily cancel some or all of the future classes (and their associated reservations).

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