Student List Page

The student list page offers an overview of all your school’s students as well as some useful functionality.

Let’s take a look at some of that functionality.

In A, you can see the ability to sort students by role. If you have made custom roles, you can sort them here as well, but in terms of basic functionality, this will let you see a list of all students, prospective students, private students, group students, or archived students.

In B, we have a simple button to add a new student to our school.

In C, this column shows the role of the specific student.

In D, you can see whether this student has verified their account or not. If you click Force Verify you can manually verify their account without them using email to do so.

In E, we have some simple functionality buttons. Add Contact lets you add a contact record for the student. Edit lets you edit the student information. Archive lets you archive the student, meaning to remove them from activity on the site without deleting their information. Impersonate lets you log in as the student to see their app view, useful if you want to guide them through using the app or confirm something they have asked you about.

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