Student Profile Page

The student profile page is the main place to find a variety of information about a specific student. The number of tabs displayed on the page depends on the type of information stored for each student. For example, if the student has yet to record any payments, there will be no Monthly Payments or Other Payments tabs. However, once a payment is recorded, the corresponding tab will appear.

This is a typical main page:

On the top right, you can see the [Actions] button which gives various options relating to the student.

Below that, you can see a small input box that lets you put in quick notes about the student.

Other information here on the main page is fairly self-explanatory.

The Contact tab shows contact records specific to the student.

The Payment Settings tab is fairly complex and you can read more about it here.

The Course Settings tab lets you add a course to a specific student so they can access the course information from the student login. It also allows for viewing student progress through the course from the [View Details] button.

The Monthly Payments tab displays a list of payments associated with monthly attendance.

The Docs tab allows for files to be uploaded and attached to specific students. Useful for things like storing contracts, etc where they will be easily accessible.

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