Using the uTeach Cloud Terminal

What is the uTeach Cloud Terminal?

Those of us who are a bit older might remember the phrase terminal, but for those who don’t, a terminal is basically a computer that sits on a desk somewhere waiting for someone to pass by and use it.

Sounds pretty useless right? But actually, a terminal can be a great way to save your admin staff some time. Let’s learn more.

What can we do with uTeach Cloud Terminal?

The terminal has 4 main functions:

  • Check-in students: If you assign rfid tags or barcodes to students, they can check themselves in when they arrive. This reduces staff workloads and also automatically sends emails to parents to let them know their children have arrived.
  • Check-out students: Similar to the above check-in feature, except it sends notifications to parents letting them know when their children have left.
  • Reservations: Simply lets users login to their own accounts to make reservations on the spot.
  • Check-out books: Using the uTeach Cloud library functionality, this let’s users self-check-out library books.

What does it look like?

As you can see. It’s pretty simple to check-in and check-out with just your RFID tag. Children students tend to be excited about using the system, making adoption easy.

Customizing the buttons

If you navigate to the “Terminal Settings” page you can easily toggle on and off what buttons you would like to appear on the terminal.

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