Manage Student Course Settings

Why manage courses?

Setting up courses is discussed more deeply here, but this page is just for the basics of managing individual student courses, a newer feature. By adding courses to a student, we can easily share with them files and information, and also track course completion even if the student has changed classes partway through the course.

Step 1: Navigate to the course settings tab on a student page

When you click the “Add” button, you’ll be able to select from one of your available courses and add that to the courses assigned to a student. You can add more than one course if you would like.

Step 2: View course details

On the same page, clicking “View Details” allows the admin to see at any time which of the lessons in the course the student has completed, even if they have completed the classes out of order or in different classes. This is useful if you want to check what a student has missed and might need to make up.

Step 3: Students can also check their progress

Students can log in and see their course information under “My Courses”.

They will have access to a simple list of all the courses which have been registered to them.

Like the admin, the can click on “View Details” to see the details of their progress or to check audio, pdf, video, or other files associated with the class.

This allows students to check in on things they’ve missed or to prepare for upcoming classes.