So, there’s a lot going on with uTeach, so I’ll jump right into it!

LINE API integration

Now, you can link student accounts to your school’s LINE and send updates or reminders directly to students using LINE. Why bother trying to get students to log into some specialized app when you can communicate with them in a way they are already familiar with?

More documentation coming on this soon.

Improved Batch Payments

Easily generate monthly invoices for all your students all at once! Preset the payment information on the student page, then all you need to do is make a new batch, change anything which may need updating for specific students, and voila! All your payment records are done in just a few minutes. When bank payments come in, simply return to the same page and mark the invoices as paid. This feature will save you hours of work and headaches every month.

Class-level comments and attachments

If you need to attach files for students to check out, you can now do this on the class details page. Teachers can easily attach files and make comments, and students can do the same. It’s a great way to collect homework or other assignments online.

Reorganized “Add Student” Page

We wanted to make it easier for you to add students, so we cut down on the number of required fields and strategically hide some of the advanced fields. Adding students is now a snap!

Plus a lot more

We’ve pushed out over 20 more minor updates, but no reason to bore you with that here. Just know, our cloud app is getting better day by day!