Hi, everything. Thanks as always for your attention. We had another busy month through September, pushing out a lot of meaningful updates and making a lot of small fixes. Here is some information to keep you up to date, with links for more information.

As always, contact us with questions.

New Features

  • LINE Bot: This is a big one. We’ve added an interactive LINE Bot on top of our current LINE functionality, meaning your students can make and cancel reservations directly from LINE, without even having to log in! Students love this feature. See more at Using the LINE Bot.
  • Goal Checklist on Courses: Now you can add a checklist of goals for a specific course, which will be shown on the page of each student assigned to that course. You can tick the goals for each student individually to monitor their progress. See more about the course checklists.
  • Stripe Subscription List View: A simple page allowing you to check the status of your school’s credit card subscriptions. See more at Stripe Subscription List View.
  • Non-Attending Students Page: Ever wonder if there’s someone you haven’t seen for a while but find it difficult to try to remember the people you don’t often see? This page can help you list the students who haven’t been coming recently to make it easier to follow up with them. See more at Non-Attending Students Page.

Small Changes

  • Percentage Discounts: You can now add discount plans using percentages rather than fixed values!
  • Permissions Language Files Update
  • Course Data Loading: We changed the way course data was loaded to speed up page loads and improve viewing on mobile devices.
  • Updated Login Security Functionality: Added some more functionality and logging to the security lockout function.
  • Active Card Subscription Tag: Made a new automatic tag to label students with credit card subscriptions.
  • Speed Improvements: Some backend improvements have improved page load speed site-wide.
  • Improved Terminal Page Buttons / Text: Made the terminal buttons more dynamic.
  • Archive Class Functionality: Classes can now be archived, allowing you to clean up the class list without deleting historical data.
  • Stats Page Cleanup: Small improvements made to stats information.
  • New Features Announcements: New features can now be announced directly on login.
  • Individual Activity Logs: Activity logs are now shown on individual student pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent Class Category Deletion
  • Better Backend Plan Integration
  • Missing Information Page Error
  • Weird Month Error
  • Fixed Whitespace Insertion
  • Custom Fields Pre-fill Error
  • Prevented Orphaned Levels Issue
  • Email Exception on Gmail Fixed
  • Fixed User Level Course Progress
  • New Features Announcements
  • Fixed Japanese Translation File
  • Fixed Application Requirement Display