Our Commitment to Privacy & Security

Thank you for taking the time to read this. At uTeach Cloud, we are committed to the security and privacy of the data stored on our system, and because you are here reading this, we know you are, too

Your School’s and Users’ Data Privacy

Data is a big issue these days, and with good reasons. It’s starting to seem like the notion of privacy regarding personal data is a thing of the past. At uTeach Cloud, we know we have a lot of responsibility to make sure your data and your customers’ data is not shared or misused.

Here’s what we do:

  • Cookies, browser information, and IP information is logged automatically when users interact with the site. This data is used for things like storing login status or app functionality in the browser, as well as to adjust the size and display of the app depending on the type of device being used.
  • We store all data securely on AWS and make daily backups also on AWS.
  • Have internal policies in place to limit access to user data and only access said data with the permission of the user.

Here’s what we don’t do:

  • We do not sell your data to a third party.
  • We do not share your data with a third party.
  • We do not allow third parties to access your data.
  • We do not perform meta-analysis on your data for marketing or other purposes.
  • We do not access your data without prior permission.

We’re committed to protecting your data and will monetize it.


All of our data is hosted securely with AWS, which hosts some of the largest websites and data centers in the world. No private data is shared with developers or stored on private servers. All backups are also stored within the AWS ecosystem for enhanced security.

To minimize risks related to data, we do not store sensitive payment information like credit card data and we do not allow passwords to be retrieved. We also partner with Cloudflare to protect our service from hacking or other malicious attacks.

There is not perfect defense against bad actors on the internet, but uTeach Cloud does its utmost to reduce vulnerability using proven, robust systems and best practices, as well as to reduce target value by limiting the amount of sensitive data stored on our system.

Thank you for your time.