uTeach Cloud School Management Subscription

From: ¥4800 / month with a 14-day free trial

Manage your school in the cloud

Benefits include:

  • saving money on staff costs
  • saving time
  • reduce mistakes
  • easing customer interactions
  • protecting data in the cloud

If you’re still running on pen & paper or Excel spreadsheets, it’s time to save yourself a headache and move to the cloud!


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uTeach Cloud Monthly Subscription

Reasonable pricing for small schools

Main features include:

  • Time-saving billing management including Stripe API support for credit card billing
  • Easy schedule management with drag & drop schedule interface
  • Student-facing scheduling & automated emails to cut down on time spent with scheduling
  • Zoom API integration to help your school easily go online!

A detailed list of features follows.

Classroom Features

Zoom Integration:

  • Integrated with the Zoom API to easily create zoom meetings for your teachers
  • Sends Zoom links / meeting IDs automatically to your students via email
  • Go online or run mixed lessons easily

Scheduling Features

Schedule Page

  • Clean, easy to use graphical calendar interface
  • Add classes by dragging and dropping
  • Add students to classes directly on the calendar
  • Toggle display for class level and teacher to speed up finding specific information
  • Filter by empty classes to easily see where teachers are idle
  • Overlay student birthdays to keep track of greetings for students
  • Available in daily, weekly, or monthly views
  • Days of the week and times programmable to match your school schedule

Class Management

  • Create new classes
  • Manage what student user roles can view each class (useful for sorting private and group students)
  • Manage the maximum number of students globally but also by class if need be

Administration Features

Automated Email Communication

  • Morning reminders
  • Class reservations and cancellation confirmation emails
  • A variety of automated emails to help your students keep up to date

Daily School Page

  • Have an overview of all reservations and classes on a single page
  • Easily sign in students, cancel their reservations, check in/out library books, record contacts, etc
  • Tagging allows key information about students to be available at a glance

Bilingual Support

  • Currently available in both English and Japanese, with customizable display settings

Contact Log

  • Easily add contact logs from all your students
  • Sort the contact logs by day for a quick overview of what happened
  • Sort the contact logs by student to easily find information on the fly

Details Settings

  • A variety of detailed settings makes it easy to customize the app to meet your schools needs
  • School settings include:
    • Default language settings
    • Class size limits
    • Custom level settings
    • Default class lengths
    • Google Maps API integration
  • Schedule settings include:
    • Set the days your school is open
    • Set the time frame to display on the calendar for your school
  • Email settings include:
    • Use SMTP to send mail through your mail client
    • Special settings to use G Suite SMTP for custom emails
    • Customize the color scheme, header, and footer of your emails to make them more professional

Student Management Features

Student List

  • Easily check your total roster
  • Edit, add contact logs, impersonate, or archive all from one place

Student Information

  • Store lots of information about your students for easy retrieval later
    • Personal Information
    • Contact info
    • Email students directly from the app
    • Workplace & parent contact information
    • Contact logs
    • Payment logs
    • Library use logs
    • Test result logs
    • Assessment logs
    • To-do list
    • Class usage tracking (for make up lessons etc)

Student Map

  • Use Google Maps to see where your students are living, helping you target advertising

Billing Features

Payment Management

  • Accept a variety of payment types
  • Integrated with Stripe API to do credit billing / invoicing from the app
  • Easily create batch invoices and payments for all your students at once, cutting down on desk work

Library Features

Library Management

  • Add books to your school library easily
  • Check in / out easily with a USB barcode reader
  • Keep track of who has checked out what books

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