Schedule a Class

Step 1: Navigate to the Monthly Schedule Page

This can be found under the scheduling dropdown on the admin navbar. This is one of the pages you’ll be using the most.

Step 2: Drag and drop the class to the schedule

Classes are shown on the left side of the page, and dragging and dropping to the calendar will add a new schedule.

Step 3: Input schedule information

Input the important information for this class:

  • start time: this is determined by where you drag it to
  • end time: determined by the default class length
  • teacher: select who will teach the class
  • course: select what course the class will follow
  • repeat v one off: if this class is repeating weekly, you can select the start and end dates and the class will automatically be made for all the dates in between. If the class will only happen once (or irregularly) you can set up a single schedule with the one off option.

Step 3.1: Add start & end dates for recurring classes

If you want to make a recurring class, just input the start and end dates.