Understanding “Manage Users” Page

Today, we’ll talk a bit about the Manage Users page, what it is and how to use it.

First, a warning

Be careful with everything you do on the Manage Users page. It’s a powerful, high-level page that let’s you manage all the users on the app. While you cannot retrieve passwords, you can reset passwords as well as permanently delete users here.

When you delete a user, make sure you’re certain, as deleting users will remove all the data associated with them as well. For example, if you choose to delete a teacher, classes, assessments, etc which are associated with that teacher will be affected.

In the case of students and teachers, if you want to preserve their data, please use the archive option on their respective pages.

Manage Users Page

As you can see, the Manage Users page mainly acts as a list of all users, regardless of user type. You can check name, username, email, role, existence of child users, as well as edit or delete users. Again, please be careful with the delete button!

When we edit a user, we can change their name, username, email, as well as reset the password. Just a reminder, passwords cannot be retrieved on uTeach Cloud for security reasons. If a user has lost their password, they only option is to reset the password from here.

When we add a user, the process is very simple. One point to be careful of is the role selection. As you can see in the screenshot above, not all of the roles will be available to add from the Manage Users page. Users like students or teachers have additional data needs besides the basic ones on this page, so please create those users from the Add Student and  Add Teacher pages.

Fairly straightforward, but please get in touch if you have any questions.