Using Programmable Fields to Store Custom Data

What are programmable fields?

Basically, programmable fields let you customize the different inputs and displays of data on uTeach Cloud. This can be very useful if you want to add some data fields for students or courses which are not available by default.

What kind of fields can I use?

Currently, we are offering three types of programmable fields:

  • Text: Simple text fields which let’s you input some data.
  • Link: Creates a clickable link.
  • Link button: Creates a clickable button.

How do I use custom fields?

First, please navigate to Settings -> Custom Fields. Here you will find a list of your existing custom fields (if any).

Let’s start by clicking on “Add New”. Here you’ll find the simple form to create a new custom field.

Label(en): This is the English label to be displayed with the field.

Label(ja): This is the Japanese label to be displayed with the field.

Name: This is the name of the field to be used on the back end.

Type: Here you can select which type of field you’d like, text, link, or link button.

Required: Select whether you’d like this field to be required or not.

Data Model: Select which page this custom field will be used with.

After adding this custom field, you can navigate over to the “Add Student” page and you’ll find our custom field under “Add Other Info?”.

After adding the student, we can see the custom fields right on their “Personal Data” tab.

Other fields for other pages can be manipulated in much the same way. Have fun!