Using RFID Check-in & Terminal

What is RFID Check-in?

Basically, RFID check-in (and check-out) is an easy way to let students take care of checking in and out at a terminal rather than having the staff manually keep track of who has and has not arrived.

The benefits include:

  • save staff time
  • manage a school without reception staff
  • send emails to parents announcing when children arrive and depart

Besides, it’s very cheap and simple to set up. The functionality is included in uTeach Cloud, all you need is a RFID reader and some RFID tags.

How to set up RFID Check-in

Have a look at this quick video for all the steps to set up the RFID tags.

Here’s a summary of the steps:

  1. Add RFID token to student page.
  2. Set up which icons you want to show on your terminal page.
  3. Have a terminal page open with an RFID reader attached.
  4. Students simply need to select the option (“Check In” or “Check Out”) and touch their RFID tag to the reader.
  5. Attendance will be automatically recorded and, if selected, notification sent to the student or guardian.

That’s it!